Better information – reliable decision-making – successful treatment

DECIMS (DEcision Coaching in Multiple Sclerosis) is a multicenter, prospective study in the area of patient care research. The hypothesis to be investigated here is that when patients are given comprehensive information on the concepts of immunotherapy, they will be more secure about deciding on a treatment regimen and thus will adhere to it better. For this the leading MS Center in Hamburg has developed standardized information materials for patients and also is carrying out a special training program for study nurses. The positive secondary effect: study nurses take a more active role in the study when they are involved in the patient counseling, and thus relieve the physician of some of the workload.

Wiki for patients

All patient information will be compiled in a wiki and will thus be available for all study centers and can be updated quickly at any time. In the long term a patient information platform will be established that can be accessed through the KKNMS website.

Ten KKNMS centers will participate in the study through which a total of 500 patients are to be recruited. All study participants will be followed up over the course of one year.

The coordinator of the DECIMS project is Prof. Dr. Christoph Heesen (University of Hamburg).