Support us by participating in our ongoing clinical studies

The Competence Network Multiple Sclerosis is carrying out a series of studies and projects for which we need the active participation of MS patients. Without a large amount of medical data, including MRT images, blood or CSF samples, gaining insight into the disease through research is not possible.

If you decide to participate in one of our studies, be aware that you may not necessarily profit directly as an individual patient. However, you may contribute to the general progress being made in MS research.

The KKNMS is currently performing the following studies:

  • MS cohort study: A long-term study which aims at identifying new biomarkers. Biosamples collected may be available for future research projects.
  • NMO cohort study: A long-term study which aims at idetifying diagnosis criteria and biomarkers.
  • REGIMS: is a nationwide register which surveys and documents the incidence, type and consequences of side effects that can occur due to MS immunotherapies.
  • MS donor program: This program has been established by the Competence Network MS to help further MS research through storing and characterizing MS tissue samples in the framework of a German brain bank.

All patient data as well as Biosamples and tissue samples will be collected, stored and pseudonymised according to uniform standards. The privacy policy of the KKNMS, approved by the controller for data protection of Hesse, apply.