Immunotherapy register to help improve quality of life

REGIMS is a nationwide register which surveys and documents the incidence, type and consequences of side effects that can occur due to MS immunotherapies.

For this register, patients as well as their treating physicians, independent of each other, fill out a questionnaire every 6 months. The patients answer questions about their current quality of life, satisfaction with therapy and utilization of medical services. The patients’ data will be compared to the physicians’ data on disease course, medication and changes thereof, as well as possible side effects. In addition, participants may donate blood, which will be processed and stored in the KKNMS biobank.

The aim is to ensure and above all improve the quality of patient care. Documentation of unexpected and previously unknown side effects helps with individualized therapy decisions. The quality of life of MS patients can thus be improved in the long term.

If you would like to participate in REGIMS, you must meet the following criteria:

Inclusion criteria:

  • You are undergoing immunotherapy for the first time
  • You are undergoing therapy with natalizumab, fingolimod, mitoxanthrone or another newly approved, future immunotherapy, independent of therapy duration
  • You have received a maximum of 36 months of immunotherapy with interferon beta-1a i.m. or s.c. or interferon–b s.c., glatiramer acetate, azathioprine or an off-label drug

Exclusion criteria:

  • No definitive diagnosis of MS