Monitoring disease progression in multiple sclerosis and identifying side effects

Clinical studies help us to better understand a disease. Monitoring a large number of patients over a certain time period reveals commonalities and differences in disease progression and treatment response, and at best can even be connected to specific medical parameters.

One of the core projects of the KKNMS is the ongoing cohort study (NationMS) which began in the first funding phase and is designed for a period of at least 10 years. Most of the projects funded in the second phase are based on this long-term study or make use of its infrastructure.

In 2012 we established the immunotherapy registry (REGIMS) in which side effects of basis therapy and escalation therapy are documented. The aim here is to be able to recognize at an early stage previously unknown risks connected to some therapies, particularly newer ones. REGIMS works closely with the KKNMS biobank.

A further project in the area of patient care research is a multicenter, prospective study to investigate the effects of improved information for patient decision-making and adherence to therapies (DECIMS).