Quality control of imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is important for MS research because it allows us to draw conclusions on disease development over the course of time. A consistently high quality is essential here, because it guarantees comparability of images and objectively feasible studies. The project „MuSiQC“ – Multiple Sclerosis Imaging Quality Control – conducts periodic quality controls of the MRI data for the KKNMS network. The longitudinally obtained MS data sets from each center are periodically tested for completeness, adherence to protocols as well as for artifacts. In the third funding period, the quality control of the new NMO cohorts will be expanded to include guidelines for standardized MRI images of the spinal cord.

MuSIQC not only evaluates imaging data and supports further standardization within the entire network, but it also is a component of other KKNMS research projects. For example, the scientists will work closely with the MRI projects Gene-MRI and the MSNetworks  to facilitate the requisite qualitative and quantitative MRI analyses.

This project is headed by Prof. Dr. Carsten Lukas (University of Bochum) who is also the main contact person for radiological aspects within the network.