In order to support, increase and secure the quality of multiple sclerosis health care in Germany in the long term, the KKNMS has launched the MS Specialist certification. Neurologists who can demonstrate a predefined list of criteria regarding their training, expertise and treatment experience are listed by the KKNMS as MS Specialists.

The “MS Specialist” fulfills the certification criteria of the disease-related Competence Network Multiple Sclerosis to become a specialist in multiple sclerosis and related diseases.

The “MS Specialist” provides highly qualified care for MS patients based on the latest neuroimmunological findings. She/he has special didactic and scientific experience in the field of multiple sclerosis and neuroimmunology. She/he is responsible for training doctors in MS diagnostics and therapy.

He/she is responsible for organizing training events in order to influence the level of training courses and thus the level of MS care. Every MS training course that is carried out in cooperation with and in accordance with the guidelines of the KKNMS must be led by an MS Specialist. This person is responsible for the program and content of the training courses.


  • Specialist in neurology
  • 2-year training in an MS outpatient clinic/MS center under the guidance of an “MS Specialist” (certificate, guarantee)
  • Logbook of independently performed treatment/supervision of at least 120 MS patients (traceable in medical records)
  • Proof of participation in KKNMS-certified training events with a duration of 36 hours in the last 2 years prior to application
  • Competence to assess the EDSS
  • Laboratory course in cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics
  • Participation in MS clinical trials
  • min. 5 publications on the topic of MS
  • Competence in conducting medical discussions
  • Active participation in self-help
  • Access to infusion infrastructure in outpatient clinic
  • Access to plasma exchange processes
  • Access to electrophysiology
  • Cooperation with (neuro)radiology
  • Transfer of a processing fee of 50 €
  • Full member of the KKNMS e.V.

The applicant must submit all required documents (see checklist “Initial certification”) and the application form “Initial certification” to the KKNMS office. If the requirements are confirmed by the KKNMS office, the knowledge and skills in treatment of MS patients are tested in an exam (exam type: interview).


  • Once all the necessary documents have been submitted, contact is made with an examiner. Appointment coordination by the examinee.
  • The examiner is a KKNMS certified “MS Specialist” who is assigned regionally.
  • This is followed by an invitation to a technical discussion and oral examination.
  • The logbook must also be presented at the examination. For 10/120 treated MS patients from the logbook, the doctor’s letters are to be brought along, on the basis of which case studies can be discussed.
  • After passing the examination, the office receives feedback from the examiner and then the applicant receives a certificate.
  • The examination can be repeated upon request after a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 months with a different examiner.


  • Proof of participation in KKNMS-certified training events with a duration of at least 36 hours
  • Proof of continuous involvelment in the health care of MS patients
  • Implementation of at least 4 KKNMS-certified training events

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