FaBIO: Use of samples and data

The cohort study and the Brain Bank collect a large amount of data and biosamples, which are stored in the KKNMS database and in the biobanks. These samples and associated data are accessible to both KKNMS partners and other research institutions for scientific projects. The Expert Committee on Data, Biomaterial Utilization, Ethics and Data Protection (FaBIO) decides on submitted project ideas in a formal application procedure.

To use cellular and non-cellular samples, patient data and MRI images for research projects, a formal project application must be submitted to the KKNMS office. The FaBIO members examine the project and inform the applicant within four weeks whether the project application will be approved. If the research project involves CNS biomaterial, the head of the CNS Biobank (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brück, University Medical Center Göttingen) is consulted for an assessment. The centers and PIs collecting samples and data as well as experts (e.g. statisticians, MRI experts) are also involved in the decision-making process. In principle, the KKNMS Data Protection Officer (Edda Sauer, CIO Marburg GmbH) and the KKNMS IT Officer (Gisela Antony, CIO Marburg GmbH) have a right of veto. The heads of the biobanks are also asked about the general feasibility of the projects applied for.

Please note the detailed information on the project application.

An overview of all current and completed FaBIO projects is available to KKNMS e.V. members on request.

The FaBIO is currently made up of six Principal Investigators (PIs) from the KKNMS cohort centers. These voting members are determined each year in April. The decisive factor for appointment to the FaBio is the number of follow-up examinations carried out for the cohort study within the last two years. The FaBio members elect a spokesperson, who is currently Prof. Dr. Florian Then Bergh from Leipzig University Hospital.