Find out the cause and origin –
develop new therapies

During the period of BMBF funding (until 2019), the KKNMS set different priorities in five consortia in order to get to the bottom of multiple sclerosis: Infrastructure, Cohorts and Trials, Prognostic and Treatment markers, Determinants of MS phenotypes and Modeling.

Essentially, the following core objectives were targeted:

  • Better understanding of the development of MS through close exchange between basic and clinical research. The aim is to develop specific MS therapies on this basis.
  • Identification of biomarkers that simplify the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of MS and make it easier to predict the course of the disease. The aim is to achieve individualized therapy for MS patients on this basis
  • Better understanding of the genetic correlations in the development and progression of MS. The aim is to identify and confirm genetic variants that have an influence on individual disease parameters.
  • Improving research tools: developing new models that can be used to study the disease in the laboratory.